Michael Townsen Hicks

Welcome to my website. I'm a philosopher of science; I’m mostly interested in the ways we use scientific laws and models to understand what’s possible, and what isn’t. Right now I'm working on the FraMEPhys project at the University of Birmingham, which looks at the connections between metaphysics and the philosophy of physics.

Photo thanks to Andrew Otto

Photo thanks to Andrew Otto

Here is my CV.

My research is in the philosophy of science. I'm interested in how scientific theories allow us to evaluate what would, could, and might happen. I think it's very puzzling that we care at all about things that could happen but don't, and I'm interested in the ways science and physics connect us to these mere possibilities.

In 2015 I defended a dissertation on laws of nature under the supervision of Barry Loewer developing and defending the regularity theory of natural law. This view has its roots in the writings of David Hume.  According to the regularity theory, laws of nature are merely universal generalizations that are particularly useful for us in discovering and organizing information about our world.  I'm exploring ways in which this view of laws can help us understand probability, explanation, and causation.

After completing my dissertation I have spent time with the Consolidation of Fine-Tuning Project at the University of Oxford, where I looked at issues of fine-tuning in cosmology and at the University of Cologne, where I was a wissenschaftlicher mitarbeiter with Andreas Hüttemann. Now I’m a postdoc on the FraMEPhys project at the University of Birmingham.


What Everyone Should Say About Symmetries (and how Humeans get to say it), forthcoming in Philosophy of Science. draft of 12.1.18

Making Fit Fit, Philosophy of Science 84(5) (2017). 

Dynamic Humeanism, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. Draft of 07.15.2016. 

Derivative Properties in Fundamental Laws, with Jonathan Schaffer, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 68 (2): 411-450 (2017). Penultimate Draft

Humean Laws and Circular Explanation, with Peter van Elswyk, Philosophical Studies 172 (2): 433-443 (2015). Penultimate Draft.

In-Progress Drafts (comments encouraged):

Chance Recalibrated, draft of 6.11.2019

What Humean Laws (Can't) Explain, draft of 6.28.19

A Democracy of Laws, draft of 3.30.17